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You Shop!
Be sure to create an account with a password on your first order. You must have an account to receive Reward Points. Shop any of our luxury brands for items you want & checkout! Once you've placed your order and it has shipped, your Herendstore Rewards will be redeemable the next day! 20 points = $1.00.

You Earn!
Once you've placed your order and it has shipped. Log into your account to see how many points you have!

You Use!
Start using your rewards to pay for future orders! Save your points or use on your next purchase! They do not expire. Log into your Herendstore "My Account". Click the My Rewards heading. Enter the number of points you want to use in the "Redeem Now" box and click the redeem now button. Place your items in the cart and go to the checkout page. Your reward points will be automatically applied to your order. Its that simple! Need help just call 1-772-343-1965 and we will do it for you.